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$25 Cash Drawing(s) # 74-79

Please read the instructions below to claim your prize.

This Game Closes at 8:15pm 12/07/22

Current Can Count 378,558

November 2022 was a very sad month. We missed our monthly goal by 3 cans!!!

A final call for all cans went out at 12:59pm on November 30. At that time, we needed 2,482 more cans and we would have hit our target of 17,036. Here's a play by play what took place in the final hours.....

1:44 pm - Mary H. donated 69 cans = 2413 more to go

1:52 pm - Corey W. donated 72 cans = 2341 more to go

2:22 pm - 1 MCM rounded up 10 cans = 2331 more to go

3:29 pm - Nicole O. donated 72 cans = 2259 more to go

3:37 pm - Karen W. donated 419 cans = 1840 more to go

3:56 pm - Jon K. donated 48 cans = 1792 more to go

4:09 pm - Jeffery K donated 190 cans = 1602 more to go

4:21 pm - Sue K. donated 38 cans = 1564 more to go

4:28 pm - Steve C. donated 77 cans = 1487 more to go

4:33 pm - Charlie S. donated 154 cans = 1333 more to go

4:50 pm - Melissa R. donated 86 cans = 1247 more to go

5:39 pm - Jennifer B. donated 127 cans = 1120 more to go

6:41 pm - Larry R. donated 1117 cans = 3 more to go

It was snowing hard, and it was wet, cold and dark - but we gave it our best shot! It was still a big win. And we get to do it all over again in December, so listen out for the call!

We had 74 donors participating out of 238. We fell short of our goal by 3 cans. Our goal was 17,036 cans. In November you helped us collect 17,033 cans.... Nice Job Team!

There were no bonus payouts for November, but we do have 6 cash payouts worth $150.00

To claim your prize below, you must leave comment on this post claiming which prize is yours. To leave a comment you must subscribe to our website. (You have until 8:15pm 12/7/22 to claim your prize.

Draw #

Winning Ticket #



​Claim Status



















Official Rules: (Keep reading and scrolling to the bottom)

Check your tickets to see if you are the current winner. If you have the matching number, please call us and claim your prize. Winner has 48 hours from the time of this posting before this drawing is deemed as unclaimed and closed.

If you do not have your red tickets - you may request a copy of your tickets, be sent to you, but your payouts will only be worth $12.50 instead of $25.00 each.

Please make sure we have your current contact information on file so we can contact you in case you are a future winner.

*Every 25 cans earns you 1 ticket up to a maximum of 20 tickets

Keep all of your red tickets until

we reach all 139 drawings (1 Million Cans)

Keep scrolling to the bottom to get to the comment section to claim your prize. Tell us the winning ticket you have. Winners must be able to produce the winning ticket at time of payout.

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