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How Does It Work?

Start saving your aluminum beverage cans. (Even if it's only 1 can at a time).

Please make sure your cans are completely empty

We will accept your cans whether they are crushed or not.

We accept all aluminum beverage cans. (No vegetable and pet food cans).

Contact us

when you're ready to donate your cans

Phone/ Text: 747-248-2267(CANS)

(We're located in University Place, WA)

Chat online

Connect with us

When you’re ready to turn in your cans:

We can come to you to pickup your cans. Just leave your cans outside and contact us to say they are ready for pickup.(This is the most convenient option).


We can schedule a place and time that works best for you. (Making life simple)

We are based in University Place near Whole Foods.

How Does It Work?: List
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