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June End of Month Report

The results are in! Check out how we did for the month of June.

Total cans as of 6/30/2022 297,269
Next Free case of Soda happens at 300,000
Next Cash Drawing happens at 302,400

June's Can Count Goal 16,360
June's Can Count Actual 14,364
We Missed Our Goal by 1,996 cans
# of Active Donors for March
57 out of 208

Participation % Rate

# of donors won at least 1x or more
22 out 208 donors

June 2022- Winners

Number of Winners

Type of Winner



Life Time Member

Donate 5,000 Cans and receive free drinks every month


500 Club Member

Donate 500 Cans and receive a 1 time free case


$25 Cash Drawing

Cash Drawing for eve