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July 2019 - Donation Report

Welcome to the 1 Million Cans Man Report. We strive to be as transparent as possible for all our donors. Your hard work in collecting cans and donating them to our project of collecting and recycling 1 Million Aluminum Cans.

The Facts:(as of 7/31/19)

Cans collected in July 2019 - 4,385 (new high record)

Number of Cash Prize Winners - (1) for $25.00 - Winning ticket number 232032

Number of Cases of Soda Winners (1)

Most cans donated by a donor this month (1,072)

Number of donors donated 500 cans or more (3 out of 54 active donors)

New donors in July (8)

Goal: 1,000,000

Current Count: 15,073

How many more to reach goal 984,927

Need 1, 970 people to donate 500 cans each!

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