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Flavor of the Week #24-03 (103 Flavors)

Extended Play Until 9PM - May 2, 2024

(New) All Games Closes at 9PM!

(New) All Games Requires A Minimum of 10 Players to Guarantee a Winner

One of these cases can be yours just by leaving a comment stating why you like or want that flavor. Be sure to check back every week for new flavors.

You must make your entry between Wednesday 9am and 9pm.

To guarantee a winner Every Wednesday - there needs to be a minimum of 10 players.

Winner will be selected on Thursday morning. The more people we have playing the more interesting the game becomes.

Don't see a flavor you like - please leave a comment to let us know what your favorite flavor is and perhaps it will appear in another posting.

New Flavors will be added weekly

Click on the picture to see all the flavors

Fruit Splash


Ginger Ale

Zero Sugar

Regular Flavored Soft Drinks (25 Flavors)

Flavored Sparkling Waters (26 Flavors)

Diet, Sugar Free, Zero Sugar Drinks (25 Flavors)

Energy Drinks (2pk) (25 Flavors)

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Current Can Count


No Winners Today

We needed 10 players and only had 9!

Try sending reminders to others to play next time.


Barb Stabnow
Barb Stabnow
May 02

If you don’t have blueberry, bubble water, shouldn’t you remove the picture as one of the choices? Pineapple/coconut.


Root beer, thirsty for root beer floats, yummy


The cherry ginger ale sounds good


Rockstar please regular flavor

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