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Energize Me Mondays August 30, 2021

160 MG of Caffeine to help give you that

"I can do it attitude"

1 Million Cans Man is now introducing:

Free Energy Drinks and Coffee Gift Cards

Every Monday we will post either an energy drink or a coffee gift card

This game is played the same way we play the Flavor of the week.

We will post an energy drink or coffee gift card and all you have to do is leave a comment to indicate why you like it or want to try it.

Leaving a comment will count as your entry into this game.

Only 1 entry per person.

Game is available from Midnight on Mondays until 11:59pm.

To have a guarantee winner - we need at least 9 people playing each game.

Prize will not exceed $5 including tax.

Only 1 can will be offered for the energy drink

Coffee gift cards are worth $5 each.

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