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Energize Me Monday #6 August 2, 2021

Go forward in the strength of the bull!
A combination of energy
and summer time flavors such as watermelon
make s this drink:

The RED Edition

1 Million Cans Man is now introducing:

Free Energy Drinks and Coffee Gift Cards

Every Monday we will post either an energy drink or a coffee gift card

How is this game played?

We will post an energy drink or coffee gift card and all you have to do is leave a comment to indicate why you like it or want to try it.

Leaving a comment will count as your entry into this game.

Only 1 entry per person.

Game is available from Midnight on Mondays until 11:59pm.

To have a guarantee winner - we need at least 9 people playing each game.

Prize will not exceed $5 including tax.

Only 1 CAN will be offered for the energy drink

Coffee gift cards are worth $5 each.

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