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Updated: Jan 1

It all started in December of 2018 with just a few cans here and there. Many miles of walking and driving, reaching, climbing and digging for aluminum cans that were tossed out as waste. We collected 788 cans in our first 30 days of our journey to

1 Million Aluminum Cans. See how we've grown over the years.

  • December 2019 - 31,275

  • December 2020 - 72,049

  • December 2021 - 116,651

  • December 2022 - 183,401

  • December 2023 - 227,233

  • December 2024 - 369,999 (Projected)

As we go into the new year, we are shooting for the moon. We believe it is very possible to reach a total can count of 1 Million Cans by year end.

Let's continue to do the numbers.


See how your contribution to the R.A.C.E to 1 Million Aluminum Cans adds up.

  • 1,856 days

  • 265 weeks

  • 60 months

  • 5 years

  • No matter how you choose to break it down, your participation has help shape and create a community of like-minded individuals who has collectively kept

  • 630,001 cans out of the landfill.

  • 19,930 pounds aluminum put back into use again.

  • Our community is 311 strong and continues to grow every month.

  • The average can count per person is 2,026 cans.

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9 comentarios

Very inspiring! Thank you for allowing the community to join you and for making it so fun. I appreciate your leadership and hard work!!

Me gusta

Happy New Year Everyone

Me gusta

03 ene

Me gusta

02 ene

We can do this!

Me gusta

02 ene

All it takes is an idea! Great job for making it so much fun!

Me gusta
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