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505,000 Aluminum Cans and Counting.....

WE ARE 50.53% of the way there!

This game has been played and won 100 times.

A very special milestone!

On June 30, 2023, we went from 500K to 505K in 1 day.

Congratulations to Larry R. of University Place

They took us over the top to reach 505,000

with their recent donation of 2,039 cans.

Who will it be to take us to 510,000?
Will it be YOU?
Let's continue to make history together!
All it takes to win this prize is just 1 can!

Learn more about the 1 Million Cans Man at the links below.

Collect Aluminum Cans | 1 Million Cans Man | Tacoma

Daily Games | 1 Million Cans Man

Rewards | 1 Million Cans Man

Groups | 1 Million Cans Man (NEW)

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