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$25 Cash Drawing(s) # 97-98

Updated: Aug 13, 2023


Please read the instructions below to claim your prize.

This Game Closes at 09:00 PM - Sunday- 8/13/23

Current Can Count 527,170

July 2023 was a GOOD month. Although we didn't accomplish our end of the month can count goal, but we still saved the environment.

Here's a recap on just how well you all had performed in donating your cans.

  1. We gained another 8 new customers in July more than our average of 6 per month.

  2. We fell a little short of reaching July's goal of 26,714 cans by 8,656 points. We brought in 18,058 cans.

  3. We had 77 donors participating out of 289. (26.64 % participation rate compared to 32.02% in June)

  4. Top Donors for July

  • Deb and Leon of Universi ty Place donated 1,713 cans.97

  • Larry R. of University Place donated 1,539 cans)

  • Sophia and Constance of Tacoma donated 1,135 cans.

Now it's time to payout for your hard work.

There are (4) Red Ticket Winners. If you have tickets, you'll claim your prize by leaving us a comment stating which winning ticket you have. (It must be verified upon claiming your prize. (See the numbers below)

Draw #

Winning Red Ticket #



​Claim Status










We didn't meet our goals so there's no BONOUS PAYOUTS this month goals.

Let's make up for the lost in August!

To claim your prize below, you must leave comment on this post claiming which prize is yours. To leave a comment you must subscribe to our website. (You have until 9:00PM 8/13/23 to claim your prize.

Official Rules: (Keep reading and scrolling to the bottom)

Check your tickets to see if you are the current winner. If you have the matching number, please call us and claim your prize.

If you do not have your red tickets - you may request a copy of your tickets, be sent to you, but your payouts will only be worth $12.50 instead of $25.00 each.

Please make sure we have your current contact information on file so we can contact you in case you are a future winner.

*Every 25 cans earns you 1 ticket up to a maximum of 20 tickets

Keep all of your red tickets until

we reach all 139 drawings (1 Million Cans)

Keep scrolling to the bottom to get to the comment section to claim your prize. Tell us the winning ticket you have. Winners must be able to produce the winning ticket at time of payout.

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no winner again


Christina S.
Christina S.
Aug 12, 2023

Not a winner in this drawing but a winner for helping the environment 😁

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