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$25 Cash Drawing(s) # 109-110

Game closes at 9PM - Saturday - November 16, 2023

November 2023

It was a very good month for meeting our goals for the month.

It was a great accomplishment in helping to save our environment.

Here's a recap on just how well you've performed in donating your cans.

  1. We gained another 4 new customers in November.

  2. The goal for October was set at 24,574 cans. We Missed this goal by 11,728 cans! We only brought in 12,859 for the month.

  3. We had 67donors participating out of 308 (21.75 % participation rate

  4. We made 124 stops to collect 12,859 cans. That's an average of 103 cans per stop.

  5. Top Donors for November

  • Deb and Leon of University Place donated 1,068 cans.(Rising Stars)

  • Sophia and Constance of Tacoma donated 800 cans. (Rising Stars)

  • Lisa B of Lakewood donated 686 cans.

Now it's time to payout for your hard work.

There are (2) Red Ticket Winners. If you have tickets, you'll claim your prize by leaving us a comment stating which winning ticket you have. (It must be verified upon claiming your prize. (See the numbers below)









Draw #

Winning Red Ticket #



​Claim Status

BONOUS ROUNDS: (We met only 1 of our Goals for November)

Bonus Payouts happens when we achieve our monthly goals. To be eligible for the bonus rounds, just make sure you donate your cans within that month.

Look for your name below and claim your prizes by following the instructions below:

Prize #

Winner's Name

Goal for

this Prize



Claim Status


Janet C.

Every 10,000 Cans



To claim your prize, you must leave a comment on this post by stating which prize is yours. To leave a comment you must subscribe to our website. (You have until 9:00PM 12/16/23 to claim your prize.

Official Rules: (Keep reading and scrolling to the bottom)

Check your tickets to see if you are the current winner. Even if you're not a winner today, keep your tickets for the life of this program.

If you do not have your red tickets - you may request a copy of your tickets to be sent to you, but your payouts will only be worth $12.50 instead of $25.00 each. This request can only be made once.

Please make sure we have your current contact information on file so we can contact you in case you are a future winner.

*Every 25 cans earns you 1 ticket up to a maximum of 20 tickets

Keep all of your red tickets until

we reach all 139 drawings (1 Million Cans)

Keep scrolling to the bottom to get to the comment section to claim your prize. Tell us the winning ticket you have. Winners must be able to produce the winning ticket at time of payout. If you are a bonus prize winner, please mention the prize associated with your name.

Thank you for being a part of the

1 Million Cans Man

Sucess Story!

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What are the red tickets and how will I know if I have any? Lol


Charles Stabnow
Charles Stabnow
Dec 15, 2023

Please this way


Yes please!!

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