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Tuesday #22-046 (26 Flavors)

Every Tuesday we will post a flavor that you may try. Our goal is to introduce new and unusual flavors. This game is played the same way as our other games are played.

Choose from 1 of the 26 flavors in this slide

Simply leave us a comment stating why you want to try the posted flavor.

We will select up to 4(new) players to try the posted flavor.

Tasty Tuesday is played every Tuesday from Midnight until 11:59pm

Only 1 entry per player

To guarantee a winner each night we will need 9 people minimum to play.

We are celebrating 4 years of recycling

aluminum cans. This game will now have up to 4 winners.

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I would not mind being Wired


Yay thank you We’re ready for that touch down We got this one can at a time


Dec 28, 2022

Well the strawberry dandelion one sure looks interesting


Passionfruit AShoc. I’ll give it a go 🤷🏽‍♀️😂


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