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Energize Me Monday #23-016

You can now choose where you would like for your coffee to come from, and we will issue you a *gift card from that coffee shop. Have it your way.

What's new? You can now win up to $100.00 in free coffee from your favorite coffee shop. All you have to do is donate a minimum of *50 cans and you are eligible to play our weekly games for free coffee

All you have to do is leave a comment

and tell us where you want your coffee

gift card to come from.

Leaving a comment will count as your entry into this game.

Only 1 entry per person.

Game is available from Midnight on

Mondays until 11:59pm.

It takes 9 players to guarantee a winner every game

Weekly Payouts are based on the number of players. The more players we have per game, the bigger the payouts will be.

01-09 players - payout is worth $5.00

10-19 players - payout is worth $10.00

20-39 players - payout is worth $15.00

40+ players the payout is worth $20.00

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댓글 12개

2023년 4월 19일

Current Can Count


Congratulations to Our

Energize Me Winner

Janet C.

First time winning

This game was worth $10.00


Christina S.
Christina S.
2023년 4월 18일

Where'd my comment go? I know I said Starbucks please.


Anastasia Williams
Anastasia Williams
2023년 4월 18일

big foot please


Janet Clanton
Janet Clanton
2023년 4월 17일

If I win Starbucks would be alright although they are Inion busters.

They are probably most convenient.


Will take Starbucks please and thank you❤️

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