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Welcome to 1 Million Cans Man

Updated: May 14, 2019

Hello and welcome to the 1 Million Cans Man. I am so excited that you have stopped by to learn more about the 1 Million Cans Man Project.

My name is Anthony and I have been dreaming of recycling aluminum cans for quite some time. The more I learn how America's Recycling Programs are beginning to fail. I've decided to take on the challenge of collecting 1 Million Aluminum Cans with the help of my wife, friends and neighbors.

I was told that there's no way I can collect 1 Million Cans. And you can only image what that did to the mind of a determined entrepreneur. So I took on the challenge as a hobby. In the summer of 2012 my wife and I collected over 20,000 aluminum cans . Since then I've taken a back seat to rethink how I could accomplish the same goal with the help of others.

During the pass 6 years, I've seen many cans ended up the in trash, in parks, on the side of the roads, in bushes and other places. Although I've taken a break from actively rescuing every can I've seen out there, the fire just burned within me, for me do something about it.

So Here I am 6 years later doing what I've grown a passion for. Collecting Aluminum Cans to help them on their journey to being recycled again and again.

Please watch the video below about a plastic bottle that wanted to be recycled.

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