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Congratulations to our Free Case of Soda Winner!

Did you know?

We offer a free case of soda to the person whose cans takes us to the next 5,000 can count.

This concept came about when we were approaching the 10,000 cans mark, and we needed just 8 more cans. We were willing to give away a free case of soda to the first person whose cans would cause us to reach 10,000. And that person was Lisa of Tacoma. She donated 8 cans and we reached our 10,000.

The next drawing for a free case of soda took place at the 15,000 cans count. And Adrian of University Place had put us over 15,000 cans when he donated his 68 cans to the 1 Million Cans Man Project.

Can you guess when we will be giving away another case of soda? Did you guess 20,000?

If so, you're correct. And the next one is at 25,000, 30,000 and so forth. 200 winners all together.

Every Can Counts !

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