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Congratulations to our 4th $25.00 Cash Winner - Karen L. of Tacoma.

How to increase your odds of being our next winner

1. Check our website weekly for updates on our progress

2. Save all of your red tickets - Never throw them away or lose them.

(Your tickets are good for all 139 - $25.00 drawings)

3. Receive notifications when a new post is made concerning our progress

4. Turn in cans frequently to earn up to 20 tickets max (worth up to $500.00)

5. Check out our blog page every Wednesday for a chance to win the up to 6 cans of our

flavor of the week drink.

6. Turn in the cans often to increase your chance of winning a case of your favorite

(soda, energy drink, water, or any non-alcoholic beverage in a can) for every 5,000 cans

we receive. All it takes to win is 1 can. Next winner will be when we reach 30,000, 35,000

40,000 and so on.

7. A $25.00 cash drawing will take place every time our total can count grows by

7,200 cans. Our next drawing takes place at 36,000, 43,200, 50,400, and so on.....

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