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15 Days Left in the Year 2023


Can you belive it?

The clock is just ticking away and the year is almost over.

Time went by so fast and we still have some work to do.

  • We must meet our end of the month goal - 14,716 cans. 7,205 more needed.

  • We need everyone to donate cans this month. 7 pickups everyday

  • We have 15 days left for our end of the year give-aways.(Over $500 in rewards)

  • We need 5 Restaurants Sponsors for our "Cans for Meal" Program.

  • We need 774 more people to donate 500 cans each. (386,791 cans).

  • We need to roll out our "Sponsor A Senior" high school program.

  • We need to beat our new high record score - need 26,709 cans this month.

  • We need more people to play our 60 Days End of Year Give Away (see link)

  • We need more app users. (1 Million Cans Man has an app)


We need all hands on for the final stretch.

Can we count on your cans this month?

Tell us how you plan on helping in the next 15 days

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