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Tuesday #23-011 (21 Flavors)

Every Tuesday we will post a flavor that you may try. Our goal is to introduce new and unusual flavors. This game is played the same way as our other games are played.

Choose from 1 of the 23 flavors in this slide

Simply leave us a comment stating why you want to try the posted flavor.

(NEW- 2023) You could win all the flavors at once if your winning slot has 4 matching numbers in the current can count numbers.

(NEW-2023) If in the event an item is out stock or discontinued, item will not be paid out. Winners of such item will be paid out on a first come first serve basis only.

We will select up to 4(new) players to try the posted flavors.

Tasty Tuesday is played every Tuesday from Midnight until 11:59pm

Only 1 entry per player

To guarantee a winner each night we will need 9 people minimum to play.

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