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October Flavor of the Month

Now offers Flavor of the Month!

Just like Flavor of the Week, but instead of up to 12 cans, you can now win up to 24 cans of your favorite flavor without going over $10.00 (including tax).

This game is played on the last day of every month from midnight until 11:59pm

See all the rules below:

Winners will be randomly selected from all entries on the last day of the month.


We will post a drink on our website on the last day of the Month. If you like the drink posted. You will need to write a comment stating why you like the Flavor of the Month.

By writing your comment it will count as your entry for winning *up to 24 cans of that drink. Valid entries are only those that are posted on the last day of each month from Midnight to 11:59 PM

(You will need to create a login in order to leave a comment as your entry )

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