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How to Claim Your Rewards

Effective February 01, 2024

Winners will now have to claim their prize within 72 hours after game closes.


When you play our games,

you must come back to our website and claim your prize for the game you've played. Simply leave a comment such as "I Won!", I'm a winner, "Thank You"....

Any comment you post will be treated as you're calming your prize.

Q: How will I know if I've won?

A: First clue to know if you've won a game is you will receive a "like" on your post

From 1 Million Cans Man, himself (Anthony Sturgis).

Likes from other players does not constitute you're a winner.

Q: How long do I have to claim my prize?

A: Daily Games - closes at 9pm. We try to post the winner by 10pm.

Sometimes it may take a couple of days to post the winner

Because we are still counting cans from that day.

The 72 hours to claim your prize doesn't start until we post the

Q: What will happen if I don't claim my prize?

A: Your prize will be forfeited. You're responsible for claiming your prize.

All games are listed under the Daily Games or Blog Tab (SEE Link Below)

Q: When will I receive my claimed prized?

A: We will deliver your claimed prized directly to your door (See Delivery Schedule)

1 Million Cans Man - Rewards Delivery Schedule 2024

Rewards Earned In
Delivery Month

January - February


March - April


May - June


July - August


September - October


November - December

January 2025

Our Slogan: "We Make Your Cans Worth Something"

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