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20 Days to Go......End of Year $100 Give-Away

At the time of this posting on 12-11-20, we have collected 96,852 CANS! That's and impressive number. WE need just 3,148 more cans over the next 21 days. WE have 122 people participating and that means all we need for each person to contribute 26 CANS or more each.

We have a goal to reach 100,000 cans by midnight on December 31, 2020. If we succeed at this, 1 Million Cans Man will do 4-$25 cash drawings. You could be the winner of all four drawings if you're lucky.(925 tickets for us to pull from) and 1 or all 4 could be yours.

*For this event - Full Price will be paid out whether you have your red tickets or not. (*Remember new rule is cash prizes will be paid out at half of prize amount if you're unable to produce winning ticket) ($12.50)

Now is a good time to do the following and watch the excitement grow:

  1. Down load our app on your phone

  2. Invite family and friends to do the same

  3. Check back daily for the next 21 days to see how close we are to our goal

  4. Get your CANS in EARLY!

  5. Find your red tickets

  6. Check for the winners on January 1, 2021 Starting at 12Noon

  7. Listen for your phone call from the 1 Million Cans Man.

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