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100 Days Challenge October 24, 2019 – January 31, 2020

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Nothing to Sell!

Nothing to Buy!

It’s all about recycling aluminum cans!

Need 1,000 new subscribers to subscribe to our website (10 new subscribers per day)

Need Each person to donate 100 cans in 100 days

(That’s 1 can per day for the next 100 days)

End Results

100,000 Cans in 100 Days with the help of 1, 000 new donors.

$$$ What's the Reward $$$

$350 – (14) $25 dollar drawings

20 free cases of soda give away

*$100 bonus pay-out (if both goals are met) (1000 subscribers plus 100,000 cans)

You’ll be helping save the planet one can at a time

Please invite family and friends and co-workers to start saving cans for you. Then call, text or email when you are ready for your cans to be picked up.

Thank you

1 Million Cans Man

747-248-2267 (CANS)

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