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1 Day Before 2022 - The last of the Free Drink Giveaway - 12/31/21

We hope you have enjoyed the 61 flavors we've posted the past 60 days from November 1, 2021 until December 31, 2021. Almost every person who has played in the last 60 days have won at lease once.
Thank you to all of our players and donors.

We look Forward to continuing the fun with recycling aluminum cans in 2022 and giving away free drinks and more.

This drink can be yours just by leaving a comment below. Tell us why you would love to have this drink and it can be yours if your entry is selected by our system. Everyday for the past 60 days there has been a guaranteed winner. Look for the posted results next week

To be eligible to play this game, you must have already donated cans to us in 2021. If you have not donated yet, please do so soon so you can be eligible to play the remaining games in this year.

Each game is open for play from Midnight until 11:59pm each day.

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