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Welcome to 1 Million Cans Man

How Does It Work?

Start saving your aluminum beverage cans. (Even if it's only 1 can at a time).

Please make sure your cans are completely empty

We will accept your cans whether they are crushed or not.

We accept all aluminum beverage cans. (No vegetable and pet food cans).

Contact us

when you're ready to donate your cans

Phone/ Text: 747-248-2267(CANS)

(We're located in University Place, WA)

Chat online

Connect with us

When you’re ready to turn in your cans:

We can come to you to pickup your cans. Just leave your cans outside and contact us to say they are ready for pickup.(This is the most convenient option).


We can schedule a place and time that works best for you. (Making life simple)

We are based in University Place near Whole Foods.

What Do We Do with The Cans?

We Collect

Once we have been contacted by you, we come to where you are. We sort through your collection to remove what is not aluminum. (Sometimes our customers are confused by what is aluminum and what is not)

​​We Count Every Single Can by hand)

That's right, we hand count every can we receive. Then we create a profile for each of our donors. We appreciate all our donors, no matter if they have donated just one can or thousands of cans, everyone's contribution is important to us.

We cash in all the cans

We resell the aluminum cans we collect. But  wait.....

We share that cash with our donors in many different ways. Did you notice our slogan at the top our page?

"We Make Recycling Worth Something"


How Do We Reward Our Donors?

We currently offer 14 ways to reward our donors with free drinks and cash. Please see our Activity Page to see how others have won.

  • $25 Cash Drawings

  • Monthly Top Donor Prize

  • Flavor of the Month Prize

  • 5,000 Incremental Mark Prize

  • Flavor of the Week Prize

  • 500 Club Member Prize

  • Lifetime Member Prize

  • Matching Can Count Prize

  • The Buddy System (NEW)

  • Energize Me Mondays

  • Tasty Tuesdays

  • Thirsty Thursdays

  • Five Dollars Fridays

  • Sampling Saturday

Keep checking back for more ways to win free drinks and cash.

Click Here for rewards details

About Our Donors

We currently have over 319 members who are just as passionate about recycling as we are. Most of our members donate their cans because they believe in what we are doing and want to see us achieve our goal of reaching 1Million Cans.

Some of our members are quiet and like to remain anonymous and refuses to accept any rewards for their hard work. Some are competitive and like a challenge. We have donors who are weekly donors and some who donates just one can at a time while there are a few that donates over 500 cans at a time. No matter what their style or preference is, we welcome all our donors and appreciate their contributions.

Our donors are motivated by being able to keep up with how much they have contributed. To help them set their personal goals, we've created a status chart for them to be able measure their success.

Member Status

Active Members      

Donated  1-25 cans

Climbing Members

Donated 26-50 cans

Dashing Members

Donated 51-249 cans

Half-Back Member

Donated 250 -399 cans

Full Back Members

Donated 400 -499 cans

500 Club Members

Donated 500 - 999 cans

(See Group Benefits page)

1 Star General

Donated 1000-1999 cans

2 Star General

Donated 2000-2999 cans

3 Star General

Donated 3000-3999 cans

4 Star General

Donated 4000-4999 cans

Lifetime Member

Donated over 5000 cans

(See Group Benefits page)


Donated over 20,000 cans

Once a Master Recycler,

Always a Master Recycle

How it works: List
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