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Week #19 Flavor of the Week

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

What's your favorite soda, energy drink or water in an aluminum can? Claim your free drinks by writing a comment explaining why you like the Flavor of the Week.Winners will be randomly selected from all entries that week. (You will need to create a login in order to leave a comment as your entry )


We will post a drink on our website every week. If you like the drink posted. You will need to write a comment stating why you like the Flavor of Week. By writing your comment it will count as your entry for winning *up to 6 cans of that drink. Valid

entries are only those that are posted on Wednesdays from Midnight to 11:59 PM

Congratulations to Our Winner - Sharelle T.

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1 Comment

Apr 16, 2020

Yoohoo is my Dad's favorite drink, and he got me hooked on them when I was just a tot. I love them as a soda alternative.

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