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We Made History - 15,000 Cans in a Single Month

For the month of July we collected 13,450 cans (a new record).

But August was even more amazing! No GOAL was too high for us to reach.

For the month of August we raised the bar to reach 14,455 cans.

On August 31st, Tuesday morning we were needing 519 cans to reach August's goal.

By 3:21pm we had collected 826 cans from 16 of our donors to reach August's goal.

We were sitting at 14,762 cans (307 above our goal).

Just when we thought we were golden for the month - the bar was raised again to shoot for 15,000 cans while the day was still young.

By 4:14pm we've collected another 242 cans and was calling it quits for the day at 15,004. But one of our amazing donors who is a Lifetime Member - answered the call for more cans and rounded up another 108 cans from their friends.

By 7:33pm we were sitting at 15,112 cans and was thinking we were still needing 66 more cans. Racing against the clock we called on two more of our 500 Club Members and begged them for their cans. These two donors like to wait until they have full bags before donating their cans to us. But hearing our desperate pleads, they were willing to offer up what they had.

We closed out the month of August with 15,186 cans at 8:10pm

We couldn't have done it without our 57 donors

who had contributed this month.

Any time we accomplish our monthly goal

we will always add an additional Cash Drawing

Get your tickets ready!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Sep 01, 2021

That is so exciting we are growing to our goal woooohoooo great job

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