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Thirsty Thursday #23-016

1 Million Cans Man offers you a chance to pick your own flavor in any size

container, (aluminum, plastic, glass or metal).

  1. Game is played every Thursday from Midnight until 11:59pm

  2. You tell us what flavor you want, and what size you want it in.

  3. You decide if you want it in paper cup, plastic bottle, aluminum cans, carton, etc;

  4. Your beverage choice can not exceed $6.00 (including tax)

  5. Leaving a comment counts as your entry, only 1 entry per person is permitted.

  6. All games are for non-alcohol beverages only.

  7. Winner will be selected the next day around 9am.

  8. To guarantee there's a winner, we need a minimum of 9 players per game.

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May 05, 2023

Current Can Count


Sorry! No Winner

We only had 7 players.


Let’s shoot for Fanta Grape again in Minnie CANS of course.


We’ll take 3 bottles of water. Any brand. We reuse our bottles 😉


That zuzu that was in the simple pack was so yummy. Would love that again


Barb Stabnow
Barb Stabnow
May 04, 2023

I am thirsty for some blueberry Bubly!! Which may seem weird, as we have enough water coming out of the sky.  

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