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Sampling Saturday - 23-003

A new way of winning free drinks when you donate your aluminum cans to the 1 Million Cans Man

Much like our "Tasty Tuesday" game, you will now be able to play for a sampling pack of drinks handpicked by 1 Million Cans Man himself.

All you have to do is, go to our website on Saturdays and leave a comment saying

you want a sample pack.

Your Myster Sample Pack will consist of 4 drinks.

Up to 4 winners each week.

Never miss an opportunity to win new drinks by setting a reminder in your phone to play our games daily before 11:59PM.

Play all of our games daily to win your free drinks

Mondays - "Energize Me Mondays" (coffee gift cards)

Tuesdays - "Tasty Tuesdays

Wednesdays - "Flavor of the Week"

Thursdays - "Thirsty Thursdays"

Fridays - "$5 Dollars Fridays"

Saturdays - "Sampling Saturdays" (New)

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18 comentarios

Barb Stabnow
Barb Stabnow
29 ene 2023

Only if it isn’t weird stuff. But, some of the “weird stuff” was good! So it’s OK if some of it’s weird. 

Me gusta

I would Love to try a new sample pack. Don’t like any of the sparkling water or seltzer s but would like to sample some sodas 😊

Me gusta

23 ene 2023

Current Can Count


Congratulations to all14 Sampling Saturday players!

Everyone is a winner.

Me gusta

Barb Stabnow
Barb Stabnow
22 ene 2023

Only if the samples are good!!

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
22 ene 2023

I would like a sample please

Me gusta
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