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Our First Master Recycler - Troy J.

Congratulations to our First Master Recycler - Troy J. of Puyallup.

This is the highest ranking anyone can hold and *usually only one person can hold this title at a time. This rank is only obtained by donating 15,000 or more cans.

Let's take a look at Troy's credentials to help us understand how he has obtain such high ranking.

  • Troy joined 1 Million Cans Man on June 7, 2019

  • (989 Days ago) = 2 Years/8 months

  • Troy reached 500 Club Member status with his first donation of cans.

  • Troy reached LifeTime Member status on August 24, 2020. (444 days)

  • Troy was the first person to donate 10,000 cans on July 5, 2021

  • It took Troy 544 days to go from being A LifeTime Member to becoming A Master Recycler.

Thank you Troy for contributing 15,079 cans as of 2/19/22!

*Anyone who donates 15,000 cans before the leader reaches16,000 can earn this title. once the leader reaches 16,000, your name will be registered as a Master Recycler but only one person holds the crown at one given time.
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