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July 2021 Challenge - "Give 100 - Get 100"

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

1 Million Cans Man has a challenge for the month of July.

We know more people will be drinking from an aluminum can this month due to the recent heat waves and holiday.

Recycle your cans with 1 Million Cans Man and reap the benefits.

Imagine if your empty aluminum cans were replaced with full new cans

Here's July 2021 Challenge

We need 100 households to donate 100 aluminum cans in July

(That's just 3-4 cans per day/ per household)


One household will receive 100 cans of their favorite non-alcoholic drink.

NTE(not to exceed $100 including tax).

*The reward from this challenge will be paid out only if all conditions are met.

  1. Must have 100 households participating

  2. 100 cans per household donated or (10,000 cans collectively, you can always give more than the 100 minimum),

To help accomplish this challenge - tell a neighbor about July's challenge!

"Give 100 - Get 100"

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