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July was a great month for the 1 Million Cans Man. We are on track to reach 100K by the end of the year. August's Goal is set at 7,511 cans for the month. That is just 68 cans per donor for the month. All it takes is 2 cans per day for 31 days. Ask just one more person to save their cans for you and we can do this.

Year - To - Date Can Count


Cans donated in July

6,891 (Second Highest Month)

New Donors


Most cans donated by a person or team

1660 (Olivia P)

$25.00 cash winners (1)

Olivia P. (2x winner)

Flavor of the week winners (4)

Sharelle T. (2x Winner)

Regina S. (2x Winner)

Beginning on July 31, 2020

New Flavor of the Month Program

  • On the last day of the Month 1MCM will Post the Flavor of the Month Picture

  • Event is open on the last day of the month from Midnight until 11:59pm

  • To be eligible as a winner, you must visit our website and leave a comment as to why you like this flavor.

  • -There will be 1 winner from all the entries (comments made). Only one comment per person.

  • The winning prize will consist of *up to 12 cans of the Flavor of the Month. To be delivered the following week (generally between Monday - Wednesday)

  • Winner will be randomly chosen from all entries.

  • We recommend you register as a member of our website so we can contact you.

  • Winner has 48 hours to claim prize

  • *Prize is not to exceed $10.00 in cost (including tax)

*1st Time Winner of Flavor of the Month goes to Regina S. of University Place

5,000 Cans Incremental Winner (1 case of soda) each

Zena S.

How many new people do we need to donate 500 cans?

1,856 (500 x 1856 = 928,000 cans = 1 Million)

Top 10 Donors (Ranking, Name, Points, Title)

1 Team 402 5891 Life Time Member

2 Troy J 4579 4 Star

3 Olivia P 3750 3 Star

4 Steve C 2980 2 Star

5 Margie F 2634 2 Star

6 Karen L 2523 2 Star

7 Secret Donor (M) 2308 2 Star

8 Eddie J 1743 1 Star

9 Sharelle T 1731 1 Star

10 Danielle P 1529 1 Star

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