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End of Year Report -2020

2020 has been an amazing year! We've all faced some form of challenge during the pandemic. But one thing that did not change is the heart and minds of those who wanted to recycle. 1 Million Cans Man want to thank each and every one of it's donors for contributing to the year 2020. As you know we believe that every can counts, whether you donate just 1 can or if you donate 5,000. You are making a difference by keeping recyclables out of the landfills. (see the numbers below).

1 Million Cans Man raised the bar in the month of December and together everyone stood up to the challenge to help reach our end of the year goals. I am so pleased to have been able to work with such an enthusiastic group of people who have chosen to recycle their cans with the 1 Million Cans Man. We know you could have recycled your cans anywhere else, and we want to show our appreciation by rewarding you with some cash and free drinks.

Current Can Count 104,771

2020 Donations 72,408

Most Cans Donated in a month 10,503 (December 2020)

Most Cans Donated by a person in the year 5,975 (Team 402)

Most Cans Donated by a person in one day

Total Number of Donors 124

New Donors in 2020 47

# of Donors donated over 500 cans 48

# of Donors donated over 5000 cans 3

# of Prizes paid out in cash and drinks 105

Top Donor in December 2020 2,741 Lisa W. of University Place

Top 10 Leading Donors # of Cans

1st Place Troy J. 7,949

2nd Place Team 402 7,793

3rd Place Olivia P. 5,305

4th Place Margie F. 3,783

5th Place Steve and Carol 3,699

6th Place Karen L. 3,579

7th Place Lisa W. 3,357

8th Place Wendy S. 3,049

9th Place M&M 2,823

10th Place Sharelle T. 2,523

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