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Can Count 6/8/2019

We are steadily marching toward the 10,000 cans mark.

There's No Doubt we will reach 10,000 cans in June. We are currently sitting just 520 cans from obtaining this goal.

The month of May was a great month!!!

We have set some new records and are encouraged that we are moving in the right direction.

Most Cans Donated by a single person: 1194 Cans Most Cans Collected in a Single Month (2,231) - May 2019


We are now issuing tickets for the $25.00 drawings.

You will receive 1 ticket for every 25 cans donated. (20 tickets max.)

Call for details.747-248-2267

1 Million Cans Man Goal: 1,000,000

Current Count: 9,480

How many more cans to reach goal 990,520

Need 1, 981 people to donate 500 cans each!

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