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Calling All Cans! Calling All Cans! October 2022

We need your aluminum cans to reach our goal for the month of October 2022.

Our current can count is 349,455 cans

Our can collection goal for the month of October is 24,269. We need 18,478 more cans for this month's goal.

Once we achieve this goal, we will end the month with a total can count of 367,933 or more

Join the R.A.C.E.

To 1 Million Aluminum Cans

When we reach this month's goal

The rewards will be waiting

  • You will be contributing to a new month's record of over 24,269 cans in a single month:

  • (4) $10 -Starbucks Gift Cards Giveaways

  • (4) $25 Cash Giveaways

  • Reach 25,269 (Additional cash drawing for every 1,000 cans beyond the month's goal)

  • Reach 31,469 = $25.00 Gas Gift Card

  • Reach 38,849 = $50.00 paid toward trash bill

Let's Make History Together

Got Cans?

No matter how many and it doesn't matter if they are crushed or uncrushed

Remember: Every Can Counts!

All you have to do is gather your cans and text to the number below and let us know your cans are ready for pick-up


Let's Do This!

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1 Σχόλιο

Christina S.
Christina S.
17 Οκτ 2022

I'll have 2 bags for you this weekend 😊

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