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4 Days Count Down to Reach 400,000 Cans

We need 115 people to donate 111 cans within 81 hours!

Current Can Count today 387,173 (we're on the 3-yard line)

Still need 6,166 more cans to reach month goal of 17,067

Still need 11,953 more cans to reach New Record for most cans in single month 22,854

Still need 12,827 more cans to reach 400,000

Here's how we are going to win this game with every player in it to win it.

Day by day till the last hour on Saturday, December 31,2022 @ 9pm.


Reach our monthly goal of 17,067

Set a new record for the number of cans collected in a single month

(Old record to beat in September 2022 - 22,853)

Reach a total can count of 400,000!

Reach our monthly goal of 17,067 and there will be

2 - $25 cash drawings from the red tickets

4 - Coffee Gift Cards (ranging from $5 -$20) each

Currently need 6,166 cans to satisfy this goal

This will put us on the 2-yard line with a total can count of 393,339.